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Deputies Elected to Represent Queen' s County


The Order of the Day, for consideration of the state of Queen' s County, being read, and after some time spent therein,

Resolved, That Thomas Hicks, Joseph French, and Daniel Rapalye, Esquires, who were elected Deputies to represent Queen' s County in this Congress, and have not as yet attended, be requested to take their seats in this Congress, on Tuesday next, or assign their reasons for neglecting to attend.

And it is Ordered, That Captain Richard Thorne, who has neglected to attend this Congress for some time past, be also requested to attend on Tuesday next.

Ordered, That the Members for Queen' s County do, on Tuesday morning next, report to this Congress their opinion of the conduct of their constituents with regard to the controversy now subsisting between Great Britain and the American Colonies, and what steps have been taken by any of the inhabitants of that County to defeat the measures adopted or necessary to be adopted by the Continental and this Congress for the preservation of our rights and privileges.