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Alexander Lawson, a Non-Associator, permitted to open and retain possession of the public Records


At a meeting of the Committee, April 8, 1776: Present: Samuel Purviance, Chairman, and eight Members.

Mr˙ Alexander Lawson having applied to the Committee, and informed them that he could make room at his home near Baltimore Town, for opening such part of the publick Records as may be necessary for doing the ordinary business of the office, and desiring to know the sense of the Committee, whether he should open them in his house:

The Committee determined that he might open and continue them there until further orders; and that, in the mean time, Mr˙ Lawson should keep the boxes and chests in constant readiness for repacking and moving them speedily on any emergency.

Mr˙ Lawson having informed the Committee that he intended shortly to remove from this County to another part of the Province, and requesting a Certificate of his having delivered up his Arms agreeable to the regulations of the Convention respecting Non-Associators; and further desiring that the Committee should, before his removal, tax him as a Non-Associator, in the manner prescribed by the roles of the Convention:

The Committee agreed that he should be assessed ten Pounds for the present year, commencing from the 15th of September last, and that, upon his paying it, the Chairman shall give him the Certificate required.

Mr˙ Lawson accordingly paid the sum of ten Pounds into the hands of the Chairman, who then gave him the Certificate required.

Attested: GEORGE LUX, Secretary.