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Letter to the County Committees


Mr˙ Hobart, according to order, reported a draft of a Letter to the County Committee, in each respective County in this Colony where Troops are to be raised; which was read and approved, and is in the words following, to wit:

In Provincial Congress, New-York, February 18, 1776.

SIR: The Congress having determined that your County shall have the opportunity of raising — companies in the four regiments to be raised by order of the Continental Congress for the defence of this Colony, have resolved that blank warrants for the officers of the same shall be sent to your Committee. You will observe by the enclosed resolves, that you are restrained in the appointments to give the preference to such persons as have served their country in the last campaign; but it is not by any means the design of Congress, that men who have misbehaved themselves should be any further employed. It is expected that the people will readily inlist in these regiments, as they are raised for die express purpose of defending this Colony; and unless we raise them from among ourselves, in all probability they will be sent from other Colonies, which will be to our everlasting disgrace. We have great confidence in your zeal for the common cause, and trust that you will exert yourselves that these levies be completed with all possible despatch.

We are, sir, your very humble servants.

By order.

P˙ S. It is expected that each man furnish himself with a good gun and bayonet, tomahawk, knapsack, or haversack, and two bills; but those who are not able to furnish themselves with these arms and accoutrements, will be supplied at the publick expense; for the payment of which, small stoppages will be made out of their monthly pay, till the whole are paid for; then they are to remain the property of the men.

Ordered, That sundry copies be engrossed, and signed by the President; and one of these Letters directed to the County Committee, in each County where Troops are to be raised; and the said Letters be transmitted, together with blank Warrants and Instructions for raising the men.