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Letter to the Delegates in Congress


GENTLEMEN: On the 16th instant, the Provincial Congress (then about to adjourn) received a letter from Major-General Schuyler respecting Major Douglass and Captain Wynkoop, of which we enclose a copy, (No˙ 1.) The Provincial Congress immediately sent for Captain Wynkoop, read the General' s letter to him, delivered him a copy, desired him to call on Major Douglass with it, and return an answer the speediest possible.

On the 18th, Captain Wynkoop informed the Committee of Safety that he had called on Major Douglass, (who is in Colonel Ward' s Regiment, in King' s County,) and delivered him a copy of the General' s letter; that Major Douglass had intimated that he was now in service; that it would be at least two months before he could attend at the Lakes, if his health would then permit. The Committee thereupon wrote to Major Douglass, and on the 21st received his answer, of which we enclose you copies, (Nos˙ 2 and 3.)

The season is so far advanced, that the service must suffer if the vessels on the Lakes are not immediately employed. We have prevailed on Captain Wynkoop, by this reason only, to engage seamen, and proceed to the General, with all possible despatch. We beg leave, through you, to inform Congress that Captain Wynkoop was bred a mariner; has frequently been master of mercantile vessels; and served with reputation during the last war both in the land and marine departments; we think him an officer of merit, and we have heard his conduct in the last campaign highly applauded.

We have promised to recommend Mr˙ Wynkoop to Congress for the command of the vessels on the Lakes. This we do with the greatest cheerfulness, as we think him equal to the command and worthy of the trust; and, from General Schuyler' s letter, we are induced to believe it would not be disagreeable to him.

We do not wish to impose Captain Wynkoop' s services on Congress in this command, if it is not perfectly agreeable to them; and should the Congress think proper to order Major Douglass, or any other gentleman, to go up to take that command, we pray their determination may be speedy, that the service may not suffer, as Captain Wynkoop will not continue in that service under Major Douglass.

We are, gentlemen, &c.

To the New-York Delegates in Continental Congress.