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May 23, 1775


5 ho˙ P˙ M˙, May 23, 1775.

The Congress met pursuant to adjournment. Present:

For the City and County of New-York. — Peter Van Brugh Livingston, esq˙, President; Isaac Low, Alexander McDougall, Leonard Lispenard, Joseph Hallett, Abraham Walton, Abraham Brasher, Isaac Roosevelt, John De Lancey, James Beekman, Samuel Verplanck, Richard Yates, David Clarkson, Thomas Smith, Benjamin Kissam, John Morin Scott, John Van Cortlandt, Jacobus Van Zandt, and Walter Franklin.

For the City and County of Albany. — Volkert P˙ Douw, esq˙, Vice-President; Robert Yates, Abraham Yates, Jacob Cuyler, Peter Silvester, Walter Livingston, Robert Van Rensselaer, Henry Glenn, Francis Nicoll, and Abraham Ten Broeck.

For Dutchess County. — Zephaniah Platt, Gilbert Livingston, Jonathan Landon, Melancton Smith, and Nathaniel Sackett.


For Ulster County. — Col˙ Johannes Hardenbergh, Col˙ James Clinton, Egbert Dumond, esq˙, Christopher Tappen, John Nicholson, esq˙, and Jacob Hornbeck

For Orange County. — John Coe, esq˙, David Pye, esq˙, William Allison, esq˙, Mr˙ Peter Clowes, Col˙ Abraham Lent, John Herring, Esq.

For Suffolk County. — Colonel Nathaniel Woodhull, John Sloss Hobart, esq˙, Thos˙ Tredwell, esq˙, John Foster, Ezra L' Hommedieu, esq˙, Thomas Wickham, and Selah Strong.

For Westchester County. — Gouverneur Morris Esquire, Lewis Graham, esq˙, James Van Cortlandt, esq˙, Stephen Ward, Joseph Drake, Col˙ Philip Van Cortlandt, Col˙ James Holmes, David Dayton, and John Thomas, Junior.

For the Township of Brooklyn in Ring' s County. — Henry Williams, esq˙, Jeremiah Remsen, Esq.

For Richmond County. — Paul Micheau, John Journey, Aaron Cortelyou, and Richard Conner.

The Deputies for Orange Town produced a Certificate signed by Jacob Concklin, esq˙, Chairman, and Thomas Outwater, Clerk, at a meeting of the Freeholders and Inhabitants of Orange Town, there held on the third day of May instant, whereby it appears that Colonel Abraham Lent and John Herring, esq˙, were unanimously chosen Deputies to represent them in this Provincial Congress, to be held at the City of New-York.

Ordered, That Colonel Abraham Lent and John Herring, esq˙, take their seats.