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Letter from Lord Stirling to General Washington



New-York, April 1, 1776.

MY DEAR GENERAL: I am honoured with your letter of the 24th. Brigadier-General Heath arrived here on Saturday last with the five regiments that marched from camp with him. The Riflemen came in a day or two before. The Connecticut Militia, detached by Governour Trumbull, are also chiefly arrived. These, with what are constantly coming in from the westward, will put us on such a footing as to numbers, that I think we have little to fear from General Howe, should he attempt anything in this quarter. Staten-Island is still open to their invasion, and I should be glad we were so possessed of it that we could prevent their making any lodgment in it. For this purpose I will endeavour to get General Heath' s leave to go over there on Wednesday next, to set the Militia of New-Jersey at work on it. I shall only add, that I could wish General Howe would come here in preference to any other spot in America, as I believe it would now be of least detriment to the American cause; besides, then I should have the honour of serving under your immediate command.

I am, very sincerely, your devoted, humble servant,


To General Washington.