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Certificate from the Committee of the County of Albany


ALBANY COMMITTEE CHAMBER, November 23, 1775. — Whereas this Committee, on the 11th instant, from the return of the polls of the several elections held in the respective Districts in this County, for Deputies to represent this City and County in Provincial Congress, did declare Abraham Ten Broeck, Abraham Yates, Jun˙, Jacob Cuyler, Francis Nicoll, Robert Yates, Henry Glen, Peter Silvester, Peter R˙ Livingston, John James Bleecker, Leonard Gansevoort, Henry Oothoudt, and Robert Van Rensselaer, to be duly elected; and that they, or any five of them, represent this City and County in Provincial Congress during the time mentioned in the resolves of the Provincial Congress. But, by reason of the inconvenience attending the attendance of that number, it is

Resolved, That the said persons, or any four of them, attend said Congress, and represent this City and County during the time afore, said. A true copy from the minutes. MATTHEW VISSCHER, Sec' y.

This is to certify, that at an election held at Poughkeepsie, in the County of Dutchess, in pursuance of a resolution of the Provincial Congress of this Colony, of the 27th of October last, under the inspection of the General Committee of the said County, on the 7th and 8th days of November, 1775, Petrus Ten Broeck, Beverly Robinson, Cornelius Humphreys, Henry Schenck, Gilbert Livingston, John Kaine, Jacob Everson, Morris Graham, and Robert G˙ Livingston, Jun˙, Esqs˙, were elected Delegates for the County of Dutchess, with power to them, or any three of them, to represent the said County in a Provincial Congress for the Colony of New-York, appointed to meet at the City of New-York on the 14th instant.

By order of the Committee: