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Letter from Colonel Van Cortlandt and Captain Platt


Thursday Morning, July 25, 1776.

The Congress met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Brigadier-General Woodhull, President.

FOR NEW YORK. — Mr˙ Bancker, Mr˙ Dunscomb, Mr˙ Rutgers, Mr˙ Harper, Colonel Brasher.

FOR ALBANY. — Mr˙ Abraham Yates, Mr˙ Bleecker.

FOR SUFFOLK. — Gen˙ Woodhull, Mr˙ Smith, Mr˙ L' Hommedieu, Mr˙ Gelston, Mr˙ Tredwell.

FOR ULSTER. — Mr˙ Contine, Major Parks.

FOR QUEEN' S. — Mr˙ James Townsend, Mr˙ Samuel Townshend, Mr˙ Smith.

FOR DUTCHESS. — Colonel Hoffman, Mr˙ London, Mr˙ Sacket.

FOR ORANGE. — Mr˙ Outwafer, Mr˙ Little, Mr˙ Wisner.

FOR WESTCHESTER. — General Morris, Mr˙ Morris, Mr˙ Mills, Mr˙ Haviland, Mr˙ Tompkins.

TRYON. — Mr˙ Moore, Mr˙ Newkirk, Mr˙ Harper.

CHARLOTTE. — Mr˙ Duer, Mr˙ Webster.

CUMBERLAND. — Mr˙ Marsh, Mr˙ Sessions.

A Letter from Colonel Pierre Van Cortlandt and Zephaniah Platt, Esq˙, dated at Peekskill, on the 23d instant, was read and filed.

They thereby inform, that by a Council of War held at Fort Montgomery, it was agreed that three hundred men will be a sufficient guard on the east side of Hudson' s River, from Anthony' s Nose to Croton. That the New England forces will depart on Saturday next, and request that such of the new levies as are raised may be on the ground by that time. That in order to discharge the subsistence of the men and horses and other necessary expenses, they want immediately £600, and request that sum to be paid to the bearer, John Levinus.

Ordered, That the Treasurer of this State do pay to John Levinus the sum of £600, for the use of Colonel Pierre V˙ Cortlandt and Captain Zephaniah Platt, agreeable to their request, for discharging the subsistence of the Troops who have been attending on duty on the east side of Hudson' s River with their horses, and such other expenses as have accrued and they choose to discharge in that service; and that the Treasurer take a receipt of the said John Levinus for that sum.

Ordered, That Brigadier-General Morris command that the men draughted from the Militia in his Brigade be inarched immediately to the mouth of Croton River, to perform duty and be under the command of the officer or officers commanding the American troops and Militia there.

And Ordered, That Captain Townshend, of Westchester County, return to duty with his Company, at the mouth of Croton River, and such places adjacent, as such Commanding Officer as aforesaid shall direct.