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One Hundred and Sixty Thousand Dollars


Wednesday, September 27, 1775.

The Committee of Accounts applied to the Congress for advice how to charge sundry Accounts; and the same being taken into consideration,

Resolved, That the expense of Kettles, Canteens, and Spoons, supplied to the Soldiers, be charged to the Continent,

Application being made, in behalf of Connecticut, for a sum of Money on account of sundry advances for the use of the Continent,

Resolved, That the sum of one hundred and sixty thousand Dollars be paid to Connecticut, for Supplies issued by that Colony for the service of the United Colonies, to be accounted for by them.


The Committee of Claims reported that, in their opinion, the following Accounts were reasonable, and ought to be paid:

A balance due to Robert Erwin, Wagonmaster, amounting to 887 1-15 Dollars.

An Account of George Frank, for riding express, amounting to thirty-eight Dollars.

An Account of the Committee of Northampton County, for Money advanced for the Rifle Companies, amounting to 3,182 39-90 Dollars.

Ordered, That the three above Accounts be paid.

The Congress resumed the consideration of the Report of the Committee appointed to examine the Journals of the last session; and the same being read over,

Ordered, That the same be published by the Secretary, and that he superintend and correct The press.

A Memorial of Samuel and Robert Purviance was presented and read, setting forth, that they had chartered a Vessel, to carry a load of Wheat; that the said Vessel, in going from Philadelphia to Chestertown, Maryland, was lost in the late storm, by which they were prevented from exporting, before the 10th of September, the cargo which they had actually purchased; and therefore praying for liberty to export the said cargo to a foreign port.

Ordered, To lie on the table.

Certain Resolutions of the Committee of the City and Liberties of Philadelphia, respecting an application made to them by a Captain, for leave to take a cargo of Flour to Gloucester, in Massachusetts-Bay, were laid before the Congress and read.

Ordered, To lie on the table.

Adjourned to nine o' clock, on Friday.