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Message to the House of Representatives respecting the fitting for sea the Sloop Machias Liberty and the Schooner Diligent


The Secretary, by order of the major part of the Council, went down with the following Message to the House:

"Gentlemen of the House of Representatives:

"The Secretary will herewith lay before you two letters from the Committee of Newburyport, one dated the 24th of February last, and the other the 13th instant; wherein you will observe that the order of the Court of the 8th February last, relative to fixing for the sea, and manning with fifty men each, the Sloop Machias Liberty, and the Schooner Diligent, hath not been fully executed; that it is not in the power of said Committee to do it; and that if said vessels are manned it must be from the eastern part of this Colony. Considering the danger that would attend the suffering said vessels to leave the harbour, in which they now are, with so few men as are inlisted to serve on board, (which are a number little more than sufficient to sail them;) the great delay it would cause to attempt the recruiting and marching


men the distance of two hundred miles at this season of the year; that the present appearances of our affair? are materially different from what they were when said order of Court was made, and that there is good reason to believe that one, if not both of the vessels, are unfit; in their construction, for what they are designed; the Council thought it their duty to lay this matter before you, and recommend it to your immediate consideration."

Adjourned to ten o' clock, on Monday morning.