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Rules of the House


Upon motion, The Rules of the House for regulating the conduct and attendance of the members were read, as usual, and agreed to be observed, with the following additional Resolves, viz:

Resolved, That every member absent upon any meeting of the House shall be liable to be sent for by the members present, at the expense of such absent member.

Resolved, That every member who shall absent himself from the service of the House, without leave from the Speaker for so doing, shall be subject to a fine of five Shillings for every day' s absence, unless such member can assign to the House a satisfactory reason for the same.

Resolved, That such members as do not appear at the place of meeting within half an hour after the time appointed in the fore and afternoon, shall pay one Shilling; but if a quorum be not present at the same time, then each absent member shall pay two Shillings and eighteen Pence for every hour' s absence after, unless he can show cause to the satisfaction of the House, which shall be determined by an immediate vote.

Resolved, upon the question, That Mr˙ Swoope be, and he is hereby appointed to demand and collect all fines incurred by any Breach of the said Rules, for the use of the Pennsylvania Hospital.

The House adjourned to ten o' clock, to-morrow morning.