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June 29


Thursday, June 29, 1775.

The House met pursuant to adjournment.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Ferree and Mr˙ Ewing wait on the Governour, and inquire at what hour to-day the House sliall attend him to enact into Laws the Bills that have been returned with his assent.

The Members return, and report, that they had waited on his Honour, and delivered their Message according to order, and that the Governour was pleased to say, he should be immediately ready to meet the House to pass the several Bills which have been agreed on.

The House then taking into consideration the time of adjournment, agreed to meet again on Monday, the 18th of September next, with which the Speaker is desired to acquaint his Honour when the House shall wait on him to pass the Bills.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Hillegas join with the Members of Council appointed by the Governour to compare the engrossed Bill with its original.

The Member reported he had assisted in collating the engrossed Bill with its original, and found them to agree.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Hillegas and Mr˙ Parser see the Great Seal affixed to the said Bills after they are enacted into laws, and deposite the same in the Rolls Office.

A Message by the Secretary.

"SIR: The Governour is in the Council Chamber, and requires the attendance of the House, to enact into laws the Bills returned with his assent."

Mr˙ Speaker then, with the whole House, waited on the Governour; and being returned from the Council Chamber, the Speaker resumed the Chair, and reported, that the House had waited on his Honour, and presented three Bills, respectively intituled: "An Act to amend the Act intituled, ‘A supplement to the Act intituled, An Act appointing Wardens, for the Port of Philadelphia, and for other purposes therein mentioned;’" "An Act for confirming the estate of Daniel Andrews, in and to certain lands, in Amity Township, in the County of Berks;" and, "An Act for confirming the estate of the heirs and representatives of John Taylor, late of the County of Chester, practitioner in physick, deceased, in a certain tract of land in the Township of Bradford, in the said County." To


which Bills the Governour had been pleased to give his assent by enacting the same into laws.

Mr˙ Speaker also reported, that he had acquainted his Honour the House purposed to adjourn to the 18th of September next, if the Governour approved thereof; to which he was pleased to say, he had no objection to the proposed time of adjournment.

The Members appointed to see the Great Seal affixed to the said Bills, and deposite the same in the Rolls Office, reported they had performed that service according to order.

The House adjourned to three o' clock, P˙ M.

The Committee appointed to strike the sum of Twenty-Five Thousand Pounds in Bills of Credit, directed by the Act intituled "A supplement to the Act intituled ‘An Act for erecting a new Jail, Workhouse, and House of Correction, in the City of Philadelphia,’" passed the eighteenth of March last, produced to the Chair a receipt from Joseph Fox, Esquire, one of the Commissioners of the County of Philadelphia, for the said sum of, Twenty-Five Thousand Pounds in the said Bills of Credit to him paid agreeable to the directions of the said Act.

The said Committee also produced two extra sheets unsigned, which had been printed to supply any loss or deficiency happening in the said Bills during the signing and numbering the same; which two extra sheets, containing sixteen Bills of five Pounds each, and sixteen Bills of fifty Shillings each, were burned by order of the House, in the presence of the Members.

The House resumed the consideration of the Resolves of the Committee appointed to consider of such measures as may be expedient for putting this City and Province into a state of defence, and after, some time spent therein, adjourned to nine o' clock to-morrow morning.