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Letter from the Massachusetts Congress to Captain Solomon


In Provincial Congress, Watertown, June 8, 1775.

To the Moheakounuck Tribe of Indians, living in and about Stockbridge:

BROTHERS: We this day, by the Delegate from Stockbridge, first heard your friendly answer to our speech to you by Captain William Goodrich; which answer we are told you made to us immediately, by a letter which we have not yet received. We now reply.

Brothers! you say that you were once great, but are now little, and that we once were little, but are now great. The Supreme Spirit orders these things. Whether we are little or great, let us keep the path of friendship clear, which our fathers made, and in which we have both travelled to this time.

The friends of the wicked counsellors of our King fell upon us, and shed some blood, soon after we spoke to you last by our letter; but we, with a small twig, killed so many, and frightened them so much, that they have shut themselves up in our great Town, called Boston, which they have made strong.

We have now made our hatchets, and all our instruments of war, sharp and bright. All the chief counsellors who live on this side, of the great water, are sitting in the Grand Council-House in Philadelphia. When they give the word, we shall all, as one man, fall on and drive our enemies out of their strong fort, and follow them till they shall take their hands out of our pouches, and let us sit in our Council-House as we used to do, and as our fathers did in old times.

Brothers! though you are small, yet you are wise. Use your wisdom to help us. If you think it best, go and smoke your pipe with your Indian brothers towards the setting of the sun, and tell them all you hear, and all you see, and let us know what their wise men say.

If some of your young men should have a mind to see what we are doing here, let them come down and tarry among our warriors. We will provide for them while they are here.

Brothers! when you have any trouble, come and tell it to us and we will help you.

Signed by order of Congress:


To Capt˙ Solomon Uhhaunnauwaunmut, Chief Sachem of the Moheakounuck Tribe of Indians at Stockbridge.