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Letter received from Charles Thomson


A Letter from Mr˙ Charles Thomson of Philadelphia, signed by order of, and in behalf of Deputies convened from the different congregations in Philadelphia, dated May 29th, 1774. The Committee conceiving that the subject of this Letter not being in their province:

Ordered, That copies thereof be made out well, and sent to the Clergy of the different denominations in this city, and that a Letter be written by the Chairman, informing Mr˙ Thomson thereof.

Which was accordingly done; a copy of which is as follows:

New York, June 1, 1774.

SIR: Your favour of the 29th ultimo, by express, was laid before our Committee of Correspondence last evening.

I am directed to acquaint you, that, conceiving the subject of it to be out of their province, they could only order copies to be delivered to the Clergymen of the different congregations in this city, that they may conduct themselves therein, as to them shall seem fit. By order of the Committee. Sir, your most humble servant,

ISAAC LOW, Chairman.

Mr˙ Charles Thomson.