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Commissary-General directed to apply to General Washington for his advice relative to removing the property of the Colony from Castle-Island


In the House of Representatives: The House made choice (by ballot) of the following gentlemen for Field-Officers of the sixth Regiment of Militia in the County of Worcester, viz: John Golden, Colonel; Levi Bridgham, Lieutenant-Colonel; Job Cushing, Major; Moses Wheelock, Second Major.

In Council: Read, and concurred.

It being represented that there are many valuable articles on Castle-Island, the property of this Colony, which are now exposed to embezzlement and waste:

Resolved, That the Commissary-General be directed immediately to cause all such articles to be collected, and deposited in some place where they may be kept safe, for the future benefit of this Colony.

And further Resolved, That the Commissary-General, before he shall proceed in this matter, be directed to apply to his Excellency General Washington for his advice relative thereto.

Adjourned to nine o' clock, to-morrow morning.