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Letter from the Committee of Supplies to the Massachusetts Congress


In Committee of Supplies Chamber,

Watertown, May 12, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: The Congress having resolved that the Army should be supplied with such goods, wares, and merchandise as shall appear necessary by the Colony, and not as has been by Sutlers, we have procured some articles that are wanted, and sent them, with a copy of the Resolves, to one of the Deputies of the Commissary at Cambridge, Mr˙ Browne; but we think that it will be found necessary to have Deputies for this business only, as it must take up the whole time of one person to deliver goods to two Regiments only, and keep good accounts against the soldiers, more especially as the accounts must be exhibited to the Captains, that they may deduct them on making up the muster-roll. As the Commissary is now confined with sickness to his chamber, we desire you to appoint a Deputy for the particular business, that the goods procured by us may be received by him, and immediately disposed of to the soldiers, who are much in want thereof.


One of the Committee of Supplies.