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Letter from the Committee for Westchester County


A Letter from a sub-Committee of the Committee of Westchester, dated the 26th instant, was read and filed, and is in the words following, to wit:

January 26, 1776.

A sub-Committee of the Committee of Safety for the County of Westchester, met at the house of James Besloy,


New-Rochelle, to wit: Abraham Guion, Esq˙, Colonel Joseph Drake, Stephen Ward, Jose Hunt, Henry R˙ Mire, Theophilus Bartow.

John Gidney, of New-Rochelle, yeoman, sworn, and examined; saith, that on Wednesday, (one day last week,) William Lownsberry was at his house a little before sunset; went away, and returned again late at night, he supposed about nine or ten o' clock, in company with one Joshua Gidney, son of Isaac Gidney, of Rye, and four others unknown to him, the deponent, and that they went from his house, he knew not where, but returned about a little before daylight the next morning.

John Hams, of the same place, yeoman, sworn; saith, that on Wednesday, the 17th instant, he saw the said William Lownsberry, at the house of John Gidney, of New-Rochelle, tavern-keeper, a little before sunset; he saw him go away towards Mamaroneck; the deponent saith, he afterwards, the same night, about nine or ten o' clock, met the said William Lownsberry, with five other men, all on foot, in New-Rochelle aforesaid, going towards New-York; they all appeared to have handkerchiefs about their heads, and belts round their waists, over their coats.

Gentlemen, we, also, examined several others, but could not discover any thing from them of any consequence. We, also, despatched a company of men in quest of Joshua Gidney, but could not find him; but we believe we shall be able to give some account of him before many hours. John Gidney has promised to appear before your honourable House, if called for.

We are, gentlemen, your humble servants.

By order of the sub-Committee:


"To the Chairman of the Committee of Safety for the Colony of New-York."