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Report of Committee appointed to consider


The Committee appointed to consider what further measures are necessary to be taken for the organization of the Army, presented their Report; which was read, accepted, and is as follows:

The Committee appointed on the twentieth May current, to consider what further orders are necessary to be taken and passed, that the Army now raising by this Province for the necessary defence thereof may be effectually officered and organized, have attended that service, and beg leave to report, that they are humbly of opinion that, for the end aforesaid, it is necessary that, over and above the General already appointed for said Army, and commissioned by Congress, the following Officers (not yet ordered by Congress) should be chosen and commissioned, to wit: one Lieutenant-General, two Major-Generals, four Brigadier-Generals, two Adjutant-Generals, and two Quarter-Master-Generals; and that this Congress, before they shall rise, and as soon as shall be convenient, proceed to choose and commission such Lieutenant-General; but that the choice of the rest of the Officers above specified, should be referred to the beginning of the first session of the next Congress. And they beg leave to subjoin, as their opinion, that it will be proper that such Brigadier-Generals should be chosen, and taken of and from among the Colonels who may be commissioned by Congress.

All which is humbly submitted by your Committee, who ask leave to sit again.

JOSEPH HAWLEY, per order.