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Ordered, That Major Hawley, Mr˙ Gerry, and Major Fuller, be a Committee to bring in a Resolve for the purpose of calling the General Assembly at another time than that at which it is to be held, if the exigences of the times shall make it necessary.

Resolved, That another Major-General be chosen by this Congress, in addition to the two already chosen, and that six o' clock this afternoon be assigned for such choice.

Ordered, That Major Fuller, Colonel Farley, and Mr˙ Wheeler, be a Committee to inquire how and where materials for making good Paper, proper for Bills of Credit, may be had, if any such bills shall be emitted.

Ordered, That Captain Bragdon and Colonel Davis be a Committee to apply to Mr˙ Paul Revere, desiring him to take care that he does not leave his Engraving Press exposed when he is absent from it; and said Committee are directed to take the Plates into their hands, and deliver them to this Congress, when the Notes are all struck off.