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York County (Pennsylvania) Committee



At a Meeting of the Committee of York County, at Yorktown, in Pennsylvania, the 14th day of February, 1775: Present thirty-nine Members.

The Committee took into consideration the Proceedings of the late Provincial Convention, &c.

1. Resolved unanimously, That we heartily approve of the Proceedings of that Convention.

2. The Committee apprehending, that from the Non-Importation Agreement, and the present state of publick affairs, unless great care be taken, there would, in a short time, be a scarcity of Gunpowder, which is so necessary to our Indian trade and the hunters of this Province; therefore, Resolved, That we recommend it to the several members of this Committee, that they, in their respective Townships, with the assistance of the Township Committee-men, do discourage the consuming of that article but for the most useful purposes.

3. It being represented that sundry persons in this County had formed themselves into Military Associations, and that they would discontinue them if disagreeable to this Committee; upon consideration of which, Resolved unanimously, That we by no means would discourage those proceedings; on the contrary, we are of opinion that such Associations, if conducted with prudence, moderation, and a strict regard to good order, under the direction of men of probity and understanding, would tend much to the security of this country against the attempts of our enemies.

4. Resolved unanimously, That we recommend to the inhabitants of this County, a strict adherence to the Association of the Continental Congress, and the Directions of our late Provincial Convention; and that in case any Township Committee should meet with obstruction in carrying the same into execution, that we will, and the rest of the County ought, to assist them.

5. Resolved unanimously, That the Township Committee-men in this County ought, as soon as possible, to collect the Flour and Grain subscribed for the poor of Boston, and convert the same into cash; and that they immediately pay such cash and all other moneys subscribed, into the hands of Messrs˙ John Donaldson and George Irwin, who, with the direction of any ten of the Committee, are to remit the same in Bills of Exchange to the Committee of Boston, for the poor of that place.

6. Resolved unanimously, That in case the Committee of Correspondence of this Province appointed at the last Convention, shall think proper, or if a majority of the County Committee shall consider it expedient that another Provincial Convention should be held, we do appoint James Ewing, Michael Swope, James Smith, Thomas Hartley, and Henry Slegle, Esquires, and George Irwin, George Eichelberger, David Kennedy, and John Houston, or any five or more of them, as the Deputies of this County to attend such Convention, and to agree to such matters and things as may be deemed necessary for the safety and welfare of this Province, or the common cause of American Liberty.

Extracts from the Proceedings of the said Committee,