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Proceedings of the Connecticut Committee of Safety


Friday, February 2, 1776, A˙ M.

Met according to adjournment. Present, the same as yesterday, and, also, Colonel Dyer.

On motion from Colonel Wadsworth, for direction about three prisoners in his care, who have been long pressing for leave to return home, and think themselves unjustly detained, ċ, and on consideration of the circumstances attending them, it appears highly probable that said persons had never shown themselves inimical to, or been active against the United Colonies, and, therefore,

Voted, That his Honour the Governour be advised to give them a Permit to pass and return, to Major-General Schuyler, at Albany, and that it be recommended to said General, unless he knows of special reasons against it, to permit them to return to their respective homes, apprehending their dispositions to be favourable, and that their report will be no disadvantage to the common cause. And Papers, Letters, ċ, to General Schuyler made and sent Colonel Wadsworth, per Brownson.