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Report of the Committee on the Manufacture of Saltpetre


Die Mercurii, 9 ho˙ A˙ M˙, July 24, 1776.

The Convention met pursuant to adjournment.

Present: Brigadier-General Woodhull, President.

FOR NEW YORK. — Mr˙ Bancker, Colonel Brasher, Mr˙ Dunscombe.

ALBANY. — Mr˙ Adgate, Mr˙ Bleecker.

SUFFOLK. — General Woodhull, Mr˙ Tredwell, Mr˙ Miller, Major Smith, Mr˙ L' Hommedieu, Mr˙ Dearing, Mr˙ Gelston.

ULSTER. — Mr˙ Contine, Major Parks, Colonel De Witt.

DUTCHESS. — Mr˙ Landon, Mr˙ Sackett, Mr˙ H˙ Schenck, Colonel Hoffman.

W' ESTCHESTER. — Mr˙ Morris, Mr˙ Haviland, Colonel Gil˙ Drake, General Morris.

QUEEN' S. — Mr˙ Van Wyck, Mr˙ Samuel Townshend, Mr˙ James Townshend, Major Lawrence, Mr˙ Wat˙ Smith.

ORANGE. — Mr˙ Little, Mr˙ Outwater, Mr˙ Wisner.

CUMBERLAND. — Mr˙ Sessions, Colonel Marsh, Mr˙ Stevens.

CHARLOTTE. — Major Webster, Mr˙ Duer.

On reading the Report of the Committee of Westchester County, which was read and filed,

Ordered, That the Keeper of the Jail of Westchester County do discharge Robert Sutton out of custody on account of any order of detention by this Convention.

Ordered, That Captain Jeremiah Wool be requested to send, by the first safe and convenient opportunity, to John McKesson, one of the Secretaries of this Convention, all the papers by him seized and, taken from the several persons of


the name of Youngs, at or near Cold Spring; and also the papers taken in like manner from Isaac Ketchum.

Mr˙ L' Hommedieu, from the Committee appointed to report such amendments as are necessary further to encourage the manufacture of Saltpetre, brought in the Report of the said Committee, which he read in his place, and delivered in at the table, when the same was again read.

Ordered, That the further consideration thereof be postponed till the afternoon.