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Letter from James Campbell to the President of Congress: List of prizes taken by the privateer Enterprise



Chingoteague, Virginia, September 8, 1776.

SIR: I have the pleasure to inform you that the Enterprise, privateer, of Baltimore, under my command, is arrived safe in this inlet, having taken during my cruise the following prizes, viz:

The Lancashire, ship, a Guineaman in ballast, now in Sinapuxent, in Maryland. — 4 guns, 16 men;

The Betsey, brigantine, of Jamaica, from Guadaloupe for Halifax, having on board 120 hogsheads and tierces of molasses, now in this inlet;

The Black River, ship, from Dominica for Bristol, having on board 158 hogsheads sugar, 58 hogsheads rum, 60 hogsheads molasses, Egg-Harbour;

The snow James, of Lancaster, from Antigua, having on board 100 hogsheads sugar, 171 bales of cotton, 2 hogsheads rum, 14 tierces and 47 barrels sugar, and 50 tons fustick, 23 men — not yet arrived;

The brigantine Betsey, Guernsey, from St˙ Croix, having on board 240 hogsheads rum, not yet arrived-expected this day;

The sloop Modesty, of Dartmouth, in England, from Barbadoes for Newfoundland, 30 hogsheads and 4 tierces rum, and 20 barrels sugar, arrived yesterday in Sinapuxent.

The schooner Liberty, of Nova Scotia, from Montreal and Anguilla, having on board 1,000 bushels salt, 14 hogsheads rum, and ten casks nails;

A sloop from Tortola, with a small cargo of salt and rum. Dismissed, with thirty prisoners, being quite outnumbered by them.

When I sailed, I had fifty-three men and boys, twenty-nine of whom never were at sea. I suffered much in my health, and sprung both my masts; but expect to get better soon, and be out again before the Winter. I shall send your honourable Congress a survey of this inlet when my health permits, it being of great importance, and ought to be fortified, for which four guns would be sufficient. In it is fifteen feet water, and among the shoals without, a ship of any size may find shelter till lightened.

I am, sir, your most obedient servant,


To John Hancock, Esq˙