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Colonel Huntington to General Heath



Camp Ramapough, 4th December, 1776.

SIR: Six companies of Colonel Tyler' s regiment returned to camp last night. They have brought with them six pipes of Madeira wine; ten barrels of wine in bottles, much broken and wasted, said to be Teneriffe; one box of soap; all which wait your orders. The last article is much wanted here as it can be any where. I will venture to say as much of the wine, at least of part of it. The officers will be glad of some of it on some tenns or other. Part of the wine is marked "Gabriel Ludlow."

The two other companies of Tyler' s regiment are at Haverstraw; their baggage goes from us this night. Colonel Tyler tells me there are eleven chests of armourers' tools, besides bellows, anvils, &c˙, in the care of Abraham Post, at Tapon, who promised to put them into a store of Abraham Maybre' s, at the Slote. He thinks they are very safe with the present keeper, and that there is safe passage for boats from that to Haverstraw.

I am, sir, your most obedient and humble servant,