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Committee to direct the building a Battery at Waterman' s Point


Thursday, August 24, 1775.

At a meeting of the Governour and Council of Safety, present the same Members as at the last meeting, except Colonels Dyer and Elderkin, (at Cambridge.)

Mr˙ James Church, of Hartford, moves for a Permit to send to Providence, by water, about three hundred bushels of Wheat, to be ground for the use of the United Army near Boston, for the reason that, by means of great drought, it is not possible to get it ground near home; to be his own risk, &c. On consideration, a Permit is granted, but not without much doubt of the expediency of it, lest it should fall into the hands of our enemies.

Benjamin Huntington, Esquire, and Captain Ephraim Bill, are appointed a Committee to oversee and direct the building or erecting a Battery and Intrenchments, at a former meeting ordered to be made at Waterman' s Point, in New-London River, and Captain Lyon' s Company, now there, to labour about it, according to orders. And gave Instructions to said Committee.

On a Letter received from Messrs˙ Hosmer, Williams and Hall, about the armed Brig fitting at Middletown, &c˙, containing a nomination of sundry persons for officers, &c˙, and proposing that the bearer, —Warner, (going to Providence,) may enlist a Gunner there, as they cannot obtain one, and also Sailors, &c. It is agreed, that he may do so, if not disagreeable to Governour Cooke, to whom the Governour is desired to write by said Warner proposing it to him, &c˙; which was done.

Sundry Accounts for Guns and Blankets which had been impressed and obtained by the Governour' s order, to supply the loss of our Soldiers at Bunker' s Hill, &c˙, were laid in, considered and allowed, and

Voted, That Orders be drawn for the payment thereof, viz:—

One for N˙ Frink, Esq˙, for 6 Guns and 10 Blankets, procured at Pomfret, pound;19 10s˙, and fees 24s———£20 14 0

One for Messrs˙ Wales and Bissell, for 10 Guns and 25 Blankets, procured at Windham, including 24s˙ fees,——— 40 01 0

One for Mr˙ Chandler, of Woodstock, for 6 Guns and 10 Blankets, procured there, and 12,s˙ fees, ——— 19 13 0

One for Capt˙ Bacon, of Canterbury, for Guns and Blankets, no fees, ——— 20 01 6

One for Mr˙ Leffingwell, of Norwich, 20 Guns and 40 Blankets, procured there, no fees, 67 09 6

Which Orders I have since drawn, &c.

And the meeting is dismissed.