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Committee on a Petition from South Paddock


Saturday, December 23, 1775.

A Letter from Lord Stirling, of the 19th of December, being received, was read.

A Petition from Seth Paddock, Master of the Sloop Mayflower, and Sylvanus Coffin, Master of the Schooner Dolly, of the Island of Nantucket, being laid before Congress, was read.

Resolved, That the said Petition be referred to a Committee of three, and that it be an instruction to said Committee to inquire what quantity of Provisions and Fuel is necessary for the annual internal consumption of the inhabitants of said Island of Nantucket, and what quantity has been exported to said Island from the different Ports of the United Colonies, during the present month of December.

The members chosen: Mr˙ McKean, Mr˙ Harrison, and Mr˙ Sherman.

Mr˙ Langdon, one of the Committee appointed to repair to Ticonderoga, and confer with General Schuyler, being returned, laid before Congress a report of their proceedings, which was read.

The Committee of Claims reported that there is due to Ephraim Blaine, for expenses incurred by the Treaty with the Western Indians, and paid by him, the sum of £533 19s˙;4 ½d˙; and that there is due to Ephraim Steel, for sundries furnished two Rifle Companies, the sum of £14 8s˙, which ought to be paid to the said Blaine; and also 4s˙ 8d˙, due to John McKee, of which two last sums there ought to be charged to the Continent the sum of £5, ($13˙3,) for the two hundred weight of Lead, and the remainder to the Companies, respectively — the whole being equal to 1,462˙9 Dollars.

Ordered, That the above be paid.

The Committee to whom the application from the Convention of the Colony of New-York, for the Joan of £45,000, was referred, brought in their Report; which being read, was agreed to, as follows:

That not withstanding it appears to this Committee that the credit of the Colony of New-York is unquestionable, and their application for the loan of £45,000 was suggested by disinterested principles, yet that it would not be advisable, in the opinion of this Committee, for the Congress to make the loan proposed.

The Committee appointed to confer with the Indians made report of their proceedings, which was read.

Whereas the Colony of Connecticut has, by a certain Act of their Assembly, resolved that no further settlements


be made on the Lands disputed between them and Pennsylvania, without license from the said Assembly:

Resolved, That it be recommended to the Colony of Connecticut not to introduce any Settlers on the said Lands till the further order of this Congress, until the said dispute shall be settled.

The Committee on the state of the Treasury brought in a Report; which being read, and in part debated,

Resolved, That the further consideration thereof be postponed.

The Committee appointed to consider what articles are necessary for the Army brought in their Report, which was read.

The Committee appointed to consider the Petition of Peter Berton brought in their Report; which being read, was agreed to, as follows:

That they have taken the Petition into consideration, and, after mature deliberation had thereon, they are of opinion that it is not advisable or proper for the Congress to grant the prayer of the said Petition.

Ordered, That the Delegates of Pennsylvania call on the Treasurers, and inquire of them what sum of hard money they have collected, and report thereon to Congress.

Resolved, That the Committee appointed to confer with the Indians conclude their Conference with them by returning them a friendly answer and making them a small present.