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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


Committee met, Monday, May 29, 1775: Present, Samuel Purviance, Chairman, and eighteen Members; Robert Alexander, Secretary.

John Thompson, master of the Sloop Kitty, from New-Providence, appeared, and reported his cargo, and took the Oath.

James Tibbet, master of the Brig; Rachel, from Jamaica; Joseph Towney, master of the Schooner Hannah, from South-Carolina; Abraham Treasethen, master of the Schooner Greyhound, from Piscataqua, N˙ E˙; severally appeared, reported their cargoes, and took the Oath.

Ordered, That William Buchanan, John Boyd, Samuel Purviance, and James Calhoun, be a Committee to prepare a State of all Moneys subscribed and paid in to this Committee on any account, and of the Expenditure of the same; and of all Expenses incurred by the Committee; and, also, an Account of all Moneys and Donations transmitted to this Committee for the Poor of Boston, and in what manner the same have been remitted; and that they lay such State, together with the Vouchers, before this Committee, that the same, when approved of and settled, may be entered in the Records of the Committee.

Ordered, That all Masters of Vessels arriving in Patapsco-River, do appear before the Committee at their Room, on the Monday next after their arrival, between the hours of ten and twelve, A˙ M˙, at which time and place the Committee will attend. It is expected that the Owners and Consignees of Vessels will, in future, be more punctual in directing the attendance of the Masters, or they, with the Masters, will be reported to the publick as delinquents.

Ordered, That the above be printed in Dunlap' s and Goddard' s Papers.