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Governour Requested to Write to the Connecticut Delegates in the Continental Congress


Your Honours' Committee appointed to take into consideration the subject of the representation of the Officers of our Army at Roxbury, in regard to the arrangement of General Officers, &c˙, beg leave to report:

To obviate the inconveniences that may be apprehended from the alteration made by the Continental Congress in the rank and station of Generals Wooster, Spencer, and Putnam, which gives so great uneasiness to General Spencer and the officers more immediately under his command, that his Honour the Governour be requested, in behalf of the Assembly, to write to the honourable Continental Congress, and acquaint them with the estimation in which General Wooster and General Spencer are held by this


Assembly, and the Officers and Troops under their command; of their concern that they have been so far overlooked in the appointment of General Officers by them, and of the probable inconveniences that may ensue; at the same time testifying their sense of the singular merit of Gen˙ Putnam, and requesting them, if practicable, to devise some method of obviating the difficulties apprehended. That his Honour the Governour be desired to write to General Spencer, and acquaint him with the said application to the Continental Congress in his behalf, and conjure him, by the love to his Country, to call to mind the constant and signal affection of his Country to him so often and so lately testified, and request him not to precipitate a resolution to resign his command, and which wild distress his Troops, attached to him by the warmest affection and duty, and give great anxiety and dissatisfaction to his Country, which has placed, and continues to place high confidence in his wisdom, prudence, integrity, and military skill. Which is submitted by your Honours' most obedient humble servants,


In the Lower House the foregoing Report is accepted, with this alteration: that his Honour the Governour be desired to write to our Delegates at the Continental Congress, and not to the Continental Congress. Test:


Concurred in in the Upper House: Test: