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Letter to the Committee at Kingston


A draft of a Letter to the Committee at Kingston, relative to the Prisoners there on parole, and in answer to their Letter, was read and approved, and is in the words following, to wit:

"GENTLEMEN: The Member who is possessed of the paroles granted to the Prisoners in your care is absent, so that it is out of the power of this Convention to judge of the differences of opinion with regard thereto. As soon as we


receive them, the Report of the Committee appointed for that purpose will be considered and immediately transmitted to you. In the mean time, you may keep them to their paroles in the manner you conceive to be right; and should you be apprehensive of any danger from them before you receive directions for their removal, the Convention has directed me to order them to close confinement, which is left to your discretion. I am, gentlemen, &c.

"P˙ S˙ Enclosed is a copy of the resolutions of the Continental Congress, relative to Prisoners, for your direction."

Colonel John Williams has leave of absence until the 26th instant, and Charlotte County is to be represented by Mr˙ Duer.