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Resolved, That the Committee of Dutchess County be directed to keep the disaffected persons that are or may be taken prisoners, in the County in some convenient place, under guard, (the most dangerous to be closely confined,) till the further direction of this Convention.

And in order to carry the same more effectually into execution:

Be it further Resolved, That an additional Company, consisting of one Captain, one Lieutenant, two Sergeants, two Corporals, one Drum, one Fife, and fifty Privates, be immediately raised in said County, on the same footing that the two Companies lately raised in said County are; and that the command of the Company be given to — as Captain, and — as Lieutenant; the Captain to appoint the Sergeants and Corporals; to be under the command and direction of Captain Commandant Melanethon Smith.

Resolved, That the Committee of Dutchess County, after carefully examining all and every account that may be brought to them by any person that has furnished provisions or other comfort to any of the Militia of the sister State of Connecticut, which so generously gave their assistance to the friends of liberty in said County, to quiet the dangerous insurrection lately existing there, certifies the same to be reasonable and just, and on being endorsed by the Auditors of Accounts, the Treasurer of this State is hereby directed to pay the same.