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General Orders issued by Lord Stirling


Head-Quarters, March 15, 1776,

Ordered, That the Commissary of Artillery Stores do direct cartridges to be filled, to complete ten rounds for all heavy cannon fit for service, and twenty rounds for the field artillery. That all the case-shot that can be got for the several sizes be collected, and a return thereof be made.

That Captain Badlem do direct as many of the cannon as possibly can be completed, to be furnished with every necessary service.

Mr˙ Anthony Griffiths is appointed to direct the Laboratory, and he is to employ as many of the most expert persons he can procure, as he thinks necessary to carry on that department.

Ordered, That all the boats be suffered to pass and repass as usual.

The Town-Major, to-morrow morning, is to remove the prisoners, Vernon O˙ Craig, at the lower Barracks, and Gidney, Purley, Van Hazen, and White, from the upper Barracks, to close confinement in the city Jail, and to place four sentries around the prison from the upper Barracks for their security.

The Brigade Major of the New-England Troops is to increase the guards at the upper Barracks in proportion, to answer the above purpose.

All orders from the Head-Quarters are, by the Town-Major, to be communicated to the Chief Engineer and commanding officer of Artillery. An orderly man from the Artillery is to attend each of them.

All Field-Officers are to attend the parade; and whatever party consists of two hundred men, are to be inspected and attended to by a Field-Officer; who is requested to see the men of his party are kept alert at their duty, and to execute the work designed, which will be communicated through the Chief Engineer.

New-York, March 13, 1776.