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Letter from Henry Fisher to Pennsylvania Committee of Safety



Lewestown, April 5, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Last night, at ten o' clock, I received your letter, dated April 3, per express, with a letter from Captain Faulkner, with a signal for Captain Barry, which I shall take great care shall be answered. We have had a guard of thirty men at the Light-House, to protect the signal. Captain Watkins has been sent on shore this morning in a small boat, with four other men, by whom I learn that they have got a pilot (James Jones;) and, from all that I can collect, as soon as their fleet arrives, they design up your river. We have this morning sent off Lieutenant Ball to Dover; and I desire that you would send down for him, and have him secured, as he is very active on board, and, being here so long, he has got more intelligence than I could wish. The ship is now coming to sail, and, from all appearances, is going out on a cruise, as she has done several times. Pray send me some powder for signal guns, at the false Cape, to


alarm your vessels standing in, as we keep up a guard there night and day, of twenty-four men, some of whom are pilots.

I am, with due respect, your humble servant,


To the Committee of Safety, at Philadelphia.