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Message from the Lieutenant Governour. Boundary of New-York and Pennsylvania


Die Jovis, 10 ho˙, A˙ M˙, the 26th January, 1775.

A Message from his Honour the Lieutenant-Governour, by Mr˙ Bayard, Deputy Secretary; and the same being read, is in the words following, viz:

GENTLEMEN: In the month of August last Governour Penn made an overture to me for settling the boundary line between this Province and Pennsylvania. He very justly observed, that as the settlements under both Governments were daily approaching the line, it was of great importance to have the boundary marked without delay. The gentlemen of the Council were of opinion that it would be sufficient at this time to find the beginning of the forty-third degree of latitude upon the Delaware and Susquehannah Rivers; to mark those points and so much of the boundary line as lies between them. They advised me to appoint Samuel Holland, Esquire, to perform the work on the part of this Province, in conjunction with the persons whom Governour Penn should appoint on the part of Pennsylvania.

Mr˙ Holland and Mr˙ Rittenhouse went upon this work in November last, and fixed the latitude on Delaware River. They met with unexpected fatigue and danger, from the severity of the weather, which made it impossible for them to proceed any farther. I send you Mr˙ Holland' s account; he has advanced a considerable part of the amount, and I recommend to you, gentlemen, now to make provision for the payment of this service, which I have reason to think has been accurately performed.


New-York, January 26, 1775.

Ordered, That the said Message, and the Account therein mentioned, be referred to the consideration of the Committee to whom his Honour' s Speech is committed.