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Committee to Provide


In Committee of Safety, April 13, 1776.

Present: Owen Biddle, Chairman, Daniel Roberdeau, Robert White, Joseph Parker, Thomas Wharton, Junior, Samuel Howell, Samuel Miles, Samuel Morris, Jun.

The Commodore, or commanding Officer at Fort-Island, was this day directed to suffer all river Vessels, not having Pilots on board, to pass the Chevaux-de-Frise, and was a few days since directed not to suffer any sea Vessel to pass without a permit from this Board.

Upon representation of Colonel Miles, that there is not a sufficient number of Houses, or other Buildings, in or about the Towns of Chester and Marcus-Hook to quarter the Troops now raising for the defence of this Province,

Resolved, That Colonel Miles do procure, for the use of the said Troops, one hundred good Tents, on the most reasonable terms in his power.

Upon application of Colonel Slough, for the payment of two hundred and sixty-one pounds of Saltpetre, manufactured by him in this Province, by order of the Board Robert Towers, Commissary, was directed to deliver him fifty pounds of Powder, and an Order on the Committee of Accounts for fifty-two Pounds fifteen Shillings, in favour of said Slough, which Powder and Cash is the amount of said Saltpetre. Upon application of Mr˙ Britton, for the payment of fifteen Fire-locks, purchased by him and Captain Williams, which were delivered Mr˙ Towers for the use of this Province, by order of the Board an Order was drawn on John Nixon and others, the Committee of Accounts, in favour of Captain Williams, for fifty-one Pounds eight Shillings and six Pence, being the amount of the same.

Resolved, That Doctor Matthew McHenry be, and he is hereby, appointed Surgeon to the Provincial Ship Montgomery.

As it is found necessary that a Powder Magazine be built for the use of this Province, capable of holding one thousand barrels of Gunpowder,

Resolved, That Mr˙ Isaac Coates and Mr˙ William Moulder be empowered to contract with persons for materials for building said Magazine, and to employ suitable Workmen; and that they draw Orders on the Committee of Accounts for the expenses of the same.

That they be requested to prepare a Plan of the same, and lay it before this Board for their consideration.