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Berks County (Pennsylvania) Committee recommend a Provincial Convention



At a meeting of the Standing Committee for Berks County, January 20, 1776:

Mark Bird, Esq˙, in the chair.

The Committee, taking into their consideration the present state of the Association in this County, and being persuaded of the pressing necessity of being prepared for defence, do earnestly recommend it to their brethren to sign the Articles of Association formed by the House of Assembly at their last meeting; this Committee trusting that such amendments will be made, at the next sitting of Assembly, as will make the Association not only more effectual, but more consonant to the principles of justice and equality.

And afterwards, at a meeting of the Committee, on the 30th of the same month,

Resolved, unanimously. That it is the opinion of this Committee, that it will be highly requisite, in case the Assembly should not think proper to make the necessary amendments in the said Association, that a Provincial Convention be held for that purpose; and they do, accordingly, appoint Edward Biddle, Mark Bird, Jonathan Potts, Daniel Broadhead, Baltzer Gheer, Collinson Read, Esquires, and Messrs˙ Valentine Rekert, Nicholas Lutz, Sebastian Levan, and Richard Tea, to attend the said Convention, in behalf of this County.

By order of the Committee: