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Robert Yates to Committee of Arrangement



Claverack, December 20th, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: Jn the arrangement of officers lately made in the Massachusetts-Bay upon the new establishment, I have been informed that they have excluded all those who do not actually reside within the limits of that State. In consequence whereof, John McKinster and Thomas McKinster, the first a Captain and the other his First Lieutenant, who have served two campaigns with a company raised in this County, in Colonel Patterson' s regiment, are omitted, because they reside in Claverack, upon the eastern bounds of this State. I have understood they behaved (particularly at the Cedars, where the Captain was wounded) with distinguished bravery. Would it not, therefore, be politick to take them into the service of the State? The advantages resulting from such a measure I conceive are evident. You would attach to the interest of this State two useful officers, and at the same" time they would in their neighbourhood raise a company of men who otherwise will probably inlist among their eastern brethren; without, however, knowing whether you have room on the arrangement for their admission, in case you should concur with me in sentiment, I thought it my duty to lay these facts before you.

One Joshua Whitney, from Noble-Town, has requested me to recommend him for a Lieutenancy. I have but a slight acquaintance with him. I must, therefore, (in case you should be inclined to put him on,) refer you to Colonel Van Rensselaer, under whom he has served.

I am, with the greatest esteem, your humble servant,


To Robert Harper, Esq˙, Deputy Chairman of the Committee of Arrangement, Fishkill.