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Gloucester County, Virginia Committee



At an adjourned meeting of the Committee of Gloucester County, at the Court-House of the said County, on Tuesday, the 25th of April, 1775, they came to the following Resolves:

Resolved, That as an encouragement to the manufacturing Gunpowder in this Colony, we will give a premium of Twenty-Five Pounds to any person who shall produce to the Chairman, of this Committee, on or before the 25th


of October next, three hundred pounds of good Gunpowder made in Virginia, which we will purchase at the current price of that commodity; and if it shall be proved to be made wholly of the materials of this Colony, we will give an additional premium of Ten Pounds.

Resolved, That we will give Fifty Pounds to any person who shall produce to the Chairman of this Committee sixty pair of good Wool, and sixty pair of good Cotton Cards, on or before the 25th of October next, with an authentick certificate of their having been made in this Colony, and we will purchase the same at the usual price.

The Committee having received authentick information that last Thursday night an Officer of one of His Majesty' s armed vessels, with a party of armed men, by express command of Lord Dunmore, privately removed the Gunpowder belonging to this Colony out of the Magazine, it was unanimously Resolved, That the removal of the Powder from the Publick Magazine on board one of His Majesty' s armed vessels, by order of the Governour, is exceedingly alarming at this time.

Resolved, That his Lordship' s verbal answer to the Address of the Mayor, Recorder, Aldermen, and Common Council of the City of Williamsburgh on that occasion, is unsatisfactory, disrespectful, and evasive.

Resolved, That his Lordship, by this and other parts of his conduct which have lately transpired, has justly forfeited all title to the confidence of the good people of Virginia.

Resolved, That the Powder ought immediately to be restored.

Ordered, That the Clerk send by express copies of these Resolves to each of the Printers, and they are desired to publish them in their next Gazettes.