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Agreement concluded between General Gage and the Committee


Town-Meeting, Boston, April 27, 1775.

The Committee waited on his Excellency General Gage, with the Papers containing the account of the Arms delivered to the Selectmen, and the Return made them by the Constables, of the Town, relative to the delivery of Arms in their respective Wards. After long conversation on the subject of the inhabitants, removing themselves and effects from the Town, his Excellency being obliged to attend to other business, left the affair to be settled with Brigadier General Robertson, who, after further conference, and reporting the substance of it to General Gage, returned to the Committee, and declared to them that General Gage gives liberty to the inhabitants to remove out of the Town, with their effects; and desires that such inhabitants as intend to, remove, would give their names to the Selectmen, and signify whether they mean to convey out their effects by land or water, in order that passes may be prepared; for which passes application may be made to General Robertson any time after eight o' clock to-morrow morning; such passes to be had as soon as persons wanting them shall be ready to depart.