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Thos. Greenough


New-Haven, 8, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: The 22d December last I wrote you, informing you of the loss we sustained on Noddle' s Island; since which, I have been down to Boston, and find the Island much more damaged than I could have conceived of. Besides the buildings, &c˙, I mentioned, (the amount was £1,520,) they destroyed, cut, and burnt, &c˙, underwritten, viz:

25 large locust trees.
220 feet planed and painted fence, and with large gates before the mansion-house, red cedar posts.
500 feet board fence round the cow-yard.
170 feet board fence round the garden, red cedar posts, almost new.
13 fruit trees in the garden.
100 or more spruce spars, poles for fences.
45 lengths post and rails fence, 5 rails each.
78 lengths 3-rails fence, underpinned with stone; wall good.
2 pumps entirely destroyed.
1 pump much damaged.
234 feet open board fence round the sheep-yard.
A bridge burnt, and a wharf, where the store was burnt, much burnt.
1 horse-stable, omitted in my last, worth about twenty pounds sterling; (Mr˙ Williams says thirty pounds sterling; but I believe twenty is enough.)

GENTLEMEN: You may, if you please, make an addition to the sum of £1,520 of £100 sterling, for above loss and damages. And whereas we expect to be paid for those damages done by the Provincial Troops on the Island, we should be glad that, if it is in your power at present, you would please to give us part to begin to rebuild with now. The troops have left Boston. The longer delayed, the greater the damage; and conclude with wishing you grace and wisdom, health and happiness, here and hereafter.

From your obedient, humble servant,


To Messrs˙ Deane, Adams, and Wythe, Esquires.