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President of Congress requested to grant a passport for Mrs. Chamier to go to the American Camp


Thursday, November 7, 1776.

Convention met. All Members present as on yesterday. The Proceedings of yesterday were read.

On the application of Mrs˙ Chamier for leave to visit her husband, now in General Howe' s camp,

Resolved, That Mr˙ President be requested to write to the honourable the President of the Congress, to grant a passport for Mrs˙ Chamier to go to the American camp, with a recommendation to his Excellency General Washington to grant his permission for Mrs˙ Chamier to visit her husband, on giving her parole of honour not to say or do any thing to the injury of the United States, or any of them.

On motion of Mr˙ Dickinson,

Resolved, That the Sheriffs of Dorchester and Caroline Counties pay into the hands of the Commissioners named in the act of Assembly entitled "Act for the division of Dorchester and Queen Anne' s Counties, and for erecting a new one by the name of Caroline," or the major part of the said Commissioners, all Money and Tobacco which they have respectively received, or may or ought to receive, on or for the two assessments already made by virtue of the said act, for building a Court-House and Prison in Caroline


County; and the said Commissioners, or the major part of them, are hereby empowered and required to lend out all money which they shall so receive on interest, for the use of Caroline County aforesaid, on good and sufficient security. And the Justices of Caroline County aforesaid, are hereby directed not to make any assessment on the taxable inhabitants of Caroline County aforesaid, in this present year, by virtue of the said act.

On motion of Mr˙ Johnson,

Resolved, That the act of Assembly, entitled "An Act for the more effectual preservation of the breed of wild Deer," passed in December session, 1773, be repealed, and that no prosecution be hereafter had or commenced for any breach committed of the same act, and that no prosecution already begun for any breach of the said act be further prosecuted.

Mr˙ Turbutt Wright has leave of absence.

On motion of Mr˙ Johnson,

Resolved, That all Justices of the Peace and other officers, who were such of Frederick County, shall continue, and may exercise the same power and authority as if the resolutions of this Convention for dividing Frederick County into three Counties had not passed; and the Justices of the County Court of Frederick, to be held in the month of November, in this present year, or by adjournment, shall have cognizance of, and may proceed to hear and determine, all causes, matters, and things, criminal and civil, although the same have arisen or shall arise in Washington or Montgomery County, in the same manner, and as fully, as the same court might or could have done if the said resolutions had never been made; and the Justices aforesaid may appoint Constables and Overseers of the Highways as well in the said Counties of Washington and Montgomery, as in Frederick County.

That the County Court for each of the said Counties of Washington and Montgomery shall be first held, as for separate and distinct Counties, in the month of March next; and where any defendant against whom any original writ or process shall, after the 1st day of December next, issue, resides in Washington or Montgomery County, the writ or process shall issue out of Frederick County Court, directed to the Sheriff of the County where the defendant resides, if such County shall then have a Sheriff qualified to act in that County separately, and if not, to the Sheriff of Frederick County, and shall be returnable and returned to the next March court to be held for the County where the defendant resides.

That the Justices of Frederick County Court aforesaid, may, at their November court aforesaid, assess and levy on the taxable inhabitants of Washington and Montgomery Counties, separately and respectively, such money or tobacco as the Justices of the same Counties might respectively have assessed at their November courts in this year, had the same been held.