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Committee of Safety


Saturday, January 27, 1776.

The House met according to adjournment.

Voted, That the honourable Council and House of Representatives shall be adjourned from this day to the first Wednesday in March next, to meet at the Town-House in Exeter, at three of the clock, afternoon.

Voted, That Mr˙ Secretary Thompson shall receive three Shillings per day, for sixteen days attendance on the late Congress as Secretary, over and above his wages as a Member of said Congress, (out of the grant made yesterday to Noah Emery, as Clerk of said Congress,) and that he receive six Shillings per Hay for his services as Secretary to the Colony, over and above his wages as a Counsellor.

Voted, That Captain Ezekiel Worthen be chief commander of the forces at and near Piscataqua Harbour, and that he, with the soldiers there, erect such Battery, on and near Great-Island, as shall be necessary to prevent the enemy from landing there; and that he receive a Major' s commission, and have a Major' s pay.

Voted, That the Roll of Captain William Prescott, amounting to one hundred and seventy-one Pounds fourteen Shillings five Pence half-penny, be allowed and paid out of the Treasury, and that the President of the Council give order on the Treasurer for payment thereof.

Voted, That the Oath to be taken by the several Justices of the Peace in this Colony shall be the same as that in the last edition of the Law Book; and that all other officers be sworn diligently, faithfully, and impartially, to execute the offices to which they are appointed.

Adjourned one hour, then met.

Voted, That William Whipple, Esq˙, our Delegate to the Continental Congress, have and receive, out of the Treasury one hundred Pounds, to be by him accounted for, and that the President of the Council give order on the Treasurer for payment thereof.

Voted, That the Receiver-General and Samuel Brooks receive all the Blankets offered to them, from this day until the first day of the next session of this Assembly, and pay for them out of the Treasury.

Voted, That the Committee of Safety be directed to write to the Continental Congress, and lay the plan of Government, taken up by this Colony, before them, and let them know that a number of the Members of this House dissented to and protested against the same, (supposing it breathed too much of the spirit of independence,) and to know the judgment of the Congress thereon.

Voted, That Captain Turner be, and hereby is, discharged from the service of this Colony as Captain of a Company of Artillery, and also of his said Company, and that Major Ezekiel Worthen take the command of said Company.


Voted, That the Committee of Safety receive out of the Treasury nine Shillings per day, for their past service, and for every day of their sitting in future, in the recess of the General Court, they paying their expenses; and that they be allowed the same travel as the Members of the General Court have.