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Colonel Curtenius directed to forward to Albany, by the first opportunity, the articles requested by Captain Varick


A Letter from Captain Varick, Secretary to General Schuyler, directed to Mr˙ McKesson, was read, and is prefixed. Mr˙ Varick thereby requests, in the General' s name, the articles mentioned in the following order, to be forwarded to Albany with all possible despatch.

Thereupon Ordered, That Colonel Curtenius, as Commissary, transmit to Albany by the first opportunity for the Continental service, in compliance with General Schuyler' s request, (made by his Secretary,) a complete set of Blocks, of every kind, for two Vessels and two rigged Periaugurs on the Lakes, and five pieces of' English Duck for Sails for the Periaugurs; and the following Rigging and necessaries, viz: 6 coils of Spun Yarn; 2 Jib Stays, of 6 1/2 inches; 200 fathom 2-inch Rope; 200 fathom 2 1/2-inch Rope; 100 fathom 3-inch Rope; 2 coils of Ratline; 3 1/2-inch Stays; 1 dozen of white Hamberline; 12 dozen of Marline and Houseline; and that he direct the Storekeeper or Commissary at Albany to give notice thereof, when he receives those articles, to Major-General Schuyler, or to Captain Varick.