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York County (Pennsylvania) Committee



On the 3d of November, 1775, the returns of twenty-six Townships were received at York, whereby the following gentlemen appear to be chosen as a Committee for York County, to continue for the space of one year, unless they shall think it expedient to dissolve themselves sooner.

Michael Swoope,
James Smith,
Thomas Hartly,
Francis Crezart,
George Brinkerhoof,
John Semple,
Frederick Gelwix,
John Hinkle,
John Hoover,


John Hay,
Charles Lukens,
David Grier,
Joseph Donaldson,
George Irwin,
John Kean,
William Lease,
William Scott,
George Eichelberger,
Philip Albright,
Michael Hahn,
David Chandler,
Baltzer Spangler,
John Houston,
Thomas Armor,
John Schultz,
Christopher Slagle,
Andrew Rutter,
Peter Wolf,
Philip Jacob King,
Zachariah Shugert,
John Herbach,
William Johnston,
John Spangler,
James Dixon,
Robert McPherson,
Samuel Edie,
William McClellan,
Thomas Douglass,
John Agnew,
David Kennedy,
George Clingen,
George Kerr,
Abraham Banta,
John Mickle, Jr˙,
Sam' l McConaughy,
David McConaughy,
John Blackburn,
William Walker,
Richard McAlister,
Christian Graff,
Jacob Will,
Henry Slagle,
John Hamilton,
John Mentuth,
Thomas Lilly,
Richard Parsel,
Charles Gelwix,
John McLure,
William Shakly,
Patrick McSperry,
James Leeper,
Joseph Read,
Patrick Scott,
James Egar,
Benjamin Savage,
Andrew Thompson,
Peter Baker,
Jacob Kafel,
William Mitchel,
John Williams,
Lewis Williams,
William Rankin,
James Nailer,
Baltzer Knertzer,
Henry Matthias,
George Hough,
Daniel Messerlee,
John Nesbit,
William Weakly,
John Chamberlin,
Andrew Thompson, of H˙ N˙,
Alex˙ Sanderson.

On the same day the Committee met at the Court-House in York, when James Smith was chosen President, Thomas Hartly, Vice-President of the Committee.

The following gentlemen were unanimously elected as a Committee of Correspondence for York County, viz: James Smith, Michael Swoope, Thomas Hartly, Joseph Donaldson, George Eichelberger, Charles Lukens, David Grier, George Irwin, Thomas Armor, William Lease, George Clingen, John Nesbit, James Leeper, Francis Crezart, Peter Wolf, and David McConaughy; and five or more of them are empowered to act.

The Committee-men in Yorktown, or any two or more of them, were appointed to carry into execution the orders of the Committee of Safety, relating to the person of Doctor John Kearsley, now confined in the jail of this County, and were fully empowered to act in this matter.


The Committee adjourned to the first Thursday in December next, to meet at the Court-House in Yorktown.