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Petition of Nathan Guyer to the New-York Congress, for a hearing: He does not know the charges against him


An humble Petition to the Honourable Provincial Congress.

GENTLEMEN: As I have this day received a copy of my mittimus to this Jail, I come now to supplicate your Honours with this prayer, that your Honours would give me leave to ascend into your presence, that I may be inquired of, and that I may have a right understanding of the crime alleged against me, as I suppose there is a suspicion of my being unfriendly to my country; but as for the evidences brought against me, I have never heard, and what the crime is I know not; but I was taken in the South Bay of Long-Island by the Riflemen, and brought to the Provost guard, and from thence to this Jail, and have been confined ever since. And now gentlemen may it be your pleasures to grant me the favour of a hearing And as my son was taken with me in my vessel, and a passenger named Ebenezer Scribner, we all beg that your Honours would be pleased to give all of us the, favour of ascending into your honourable presence, to be inquired of. As I myself am very poorly, and the passenger is under the Doctor' s hands now, and as we are in a very unhealthy place, we rest very uneasy, but still subscribe ourselves your humble petitioners.

With submission, your most humble servants,


In New City-Hall, New-York, June 28, 1776.