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Memorial of John Hathorn, of Goshen



Goshen, December 2d, 1776.

Gentlemen, the Memorial of John Hathorn, of the County of ORANGE, humbly showeth:

That your memorialist had a small quantity of salt in Mr˙ William Ellison' s store, at New-Windsor; that there was not more than he had engaged to his neighbours, and was obliged to keep for his own use; that a large number of men, whose names your memorialist can discover, without any legal authority, as he conceives, have taken out of said store, as well the salt of your memorialist (except one bushel) as of other persons; and that your memorialist is in the greatest want of salt for his own use. That unless a check is put to such unjustifiable proceedings, your memorialist apprehending, from the seeming disorderly spirit at present pervading among the common people, his property, as well as those of others, will be very insecure. He therefore humbly prays, that this honourable House would be pleased to take the premises into consideration, and grant such relief as to them shall seem meet; and your memorialist shall ever pray.

I am, with the greatest esteem, gentlemen, your humble servant,


The honourable Committee of Safety of the State of New-York.