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Connecticut Committee of Safety


Tuesday, January 30, 1776.

Met again the same as yesterday.

Colonel Saltonstall came in, and the time taken up in considering how and in what manner the Fortifications at New-London and Groton shall be made and carried on; the subject discoursed, ċ, &c.

P˙ M. On application, ċ, Doctor Robert Usher, of Chatham, is appointed Surgeon and Physician for Colonel Wadsworth' s Regiment, in the recruits raising for Cambridge, ċ; and Doctor Elias Norton, Surgeon' s Mate for the same Regiment.


Doctor Elisha Perkins is appointed Surgeon and Physician for Colonel Douglas' s Regiment, in the same service, and Doctor Thomas Gray, Surgeon' s Mate for the same Regiment; and this Board do appoint the Rev˙ John Fuller, Chaplain of said Colonel Douglas' s Regiment.

A number of Officers came in, moving sundry questions about Guns, Blankets, ċ, for the Recruits, ċ, and on the question,

Voted, That each Officer and Soldier, or other person, supplying a Gun and Bayonet for the service, shall be allowed one Shilling and six Pence for the use of it; and each person supplying a Blanket be allowed three Shillings for the use of the same. And if either be lost, without any default of the Soldier, the owner shall be paid for it, they being both appraised before hand; if by his default, to be borne by the carrier.

That in case any shall not be able, and with assistance of their Officers, to provide themselves with Gun and Blanket, the Selectmen of the several Towns are directed to use their utmost endeavours and speed to procure them. And, if they cannot be otherwise obtained, that they procure warrants to impress them.

Voted, That an Armourer be provided for each Regiment.

Adjourned to nine o' clock, to-morrow morning.

N˙ B. Colonel Porter came in just before, and talked with him about the Furnace, &c˙, at Salisbury.