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June 28


Tuesday, June 28 th, ten o' clock: Met according to adjournment.

The motion for censuring and annihilating the Committee of Correspondence was again considered, and after long debates, the question was accordingly put, which passed in the negative by a vast majority.

It was then moved that the following Vote be passed, viz:

"That this town bear open testimony that they are


abundantly satisfied of the upright intentions, and much approve the honest zeal of the Committee of Correspondence, and desire that they would persevere with their usual activity and firmness, continuing stedfast in the way of well doing."

And the question being put, passed in the affirmative by a vast majority.

The Committee on ways and means for employing the poor, acquainted the town that they had met, and had received very encouraging accounts of the readiness of their sister Colonies to assist us, and various proposals from sundry persons for employing the poor, upon which they were deliberating, but were not yet prepared to report, required farther time, which was allowed them.

Mr˙ Adams again in the Chair.

A motion made that this meeting be adjourned to Tuesday, the 19th of July, at ten o' clock, A˙ M˙, to meet at Fanueil Hall; and the meeting was adjourned accordingly. Attest,