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Letter from Lord Dunmore, Williamsburg, to Daniel Smith


Enclosed in the Letter of Aeneas Mackay to Governour Penn, of 5th May, 1774.

Williamsburg, April 26, 1774.

SIR: I send you a packet, containing a Proclamation of which you have herewith one enclosed, which by the advice of his Majesty' s Council, I have issued for the Government of the people in the district of your country, wherein is included Pittsburg, which I beg you will forward by express to Mr˙ Conolly.

With respect to Mr˙ Mackay, and the other two gentlemen committed to your custody by Mr˙ Conolly, I desire they may be permitted to return to their homes and occupations; I will become answerable for their appearance, in case it may be required, and bear you harmless therein.

I am, sir, your obedient and humble servant,


Daniel Smith, Esquire.