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Committee of Donations of Boston


The Committee appointed to take into consideration the removal of the inhabitants of the Town of Boston, reported; which Report was accepted, and is as follows, viz:

In Provincial Congress, Concord, April 14, 1775.

Whereas, the late accounts of the hostile intentions of the British Parliament towards this Colony, have so greatly agitated the minds and raised the fears of many good people in the Town of Boston, as to induce many of those who are able to remove with their effects into the country, which, in the opinion of this Congress, is a prudent step; and as there is no prospect of the repeal of the cruel Port Bill, whereby many poor industrious persons, if continued in that place, must be still great sufferers, notwithstanding the generous donations; and as the season of the year is now approaching in which they may be, in some measure, serviceable to themselves and families in such parts of the country as can find them employment in their several occupations.

It is therefore recommended to the Committee of Donations that they afford to such poor persons, who are anxious to remove themselves and families into the country, such assistance as may enable them to do it.


Voted, That the Members of the Town of Boston be desired to communicate this recommendation with the schedule to the Committee of Donations.