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Gunpowder and Lead Furnished to Northampton County


Thursday, October 12, 1775.

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety: Present —

Robert Morris, President pro tem˙, John Cadwallader, Thomas Wharton, Jun˙, Owen Biddle, George Gray, Andrew Allen, Daniel Roberdeau, Henry Wynkoop.

Resolved, That Captain Thomas Moore be appointed to the command of the Boat Hancock.

Resolved, In consequence of a Memorial from sundry Gentlemen, a Committee of Northampton County, for a quantity of Gunpowder and Lead for the use of said County, that they be supplied for that purpose with two hundred pounds of Gunpowder, and six hundred pounds of Lead, out of the Magazine at Yorktown; and that an Order be drawn on Michael Swoope, Esq˙, and Mr˙ John Hay, for the same. That Mr˙ Allen write a Letter to the Committee of York County, informing them of the above Resolve.

Mr˙ Andrew Allen informs this Board that the Honourable William Allen, Esq˙, generously gives, for the use of this Board, the half of a quantity of Cannon Shot belonging to himself and Mr˙ Turner.

Mr˙ Andrew Allen is desired to return the thanks of this Board to the Honourable William Allen, Esq˙, for his generous donation; and to purchase of Mr˙ Turner his half of said Cannon and Swivel Shot.